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  • Schedule a free 15 minute call to discuss your wellness goals
    15 min
  • Herbal Wellness Consultation
    1 hr
    66 US dollars
  • Private 1:1 customized yoga session
    1 hr
    60 US dollars
  • Remote/in-person scan and Resonance frequency session
    1 hr 30 min
    44 US dollars
  • Analyse your aura and measure your chakras
    30 min
    22 US dollars
  • Herbal Wellness Consultation + Frequency
    1 hr
    88 US dollars

Have a look at Healy, the incredible innovation in vibrational frequency healing, developed out of Germany. The Healy merges science,technology, health, and spirituality and is the next evolution of healing, wellness, and bio-hacking

Contact me for more info and feel free to browse the site/shop here

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