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Functional mushroom immunity complex. A blend of 14 medicinal mushrooms in powder form produced at the highest purity and potency possible.  Cultivated in Washington, all of the mushrooms used are certified organic and do not use any imported mushrooms. Every batch of mushrooms is grown from young cultures, closely monitored through the growth cycle, harvested at the optimum stage of growth and then carefully processed to ensure potency. To verify quality, each batch is sent to a third party analytical laboratory for testing.

In addition to taking steps to ensure purity and a high constituent content, the  constituents of these mushrooms are in a bioavailable form. The main constituents of mushrooms, the 1,3-Beta Glucans, are tightly bound to the cell walls and have a low degree of bioavailability in raw mushrooms. To overcome this and increase the bioavailability of the constituents, all of these mushrooms undergo a steam activation process that breaks down the cell walls and frees the 1,3-Beta Glucans from the chitin.  

Immortal Protector

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Includes: 30grams 

    Suggested Use: Take 3/4 tsp up to 3x daily (2 grams)

    about 15 Servings per container

    Amount per Serving ______________ 2,000 mg ______ %DV
    Organic Reishi*** __________________200 mg _________ *
    Organic Cordyceps** .______________200 mg _________ *
    Organic Chaga*** ._________________ 200 mg _________ *
    Organic Mesima** ._________________200 mg _________ *
    Organic Lion's Mane*** .___________ 200 mg _________ *
    Organic Turkey Tail** _____________ 120 mg _________ * 
    Organic Maitake** .________________ 120 mg _________ *
    Organic Shiitake** _________________120 mg _________ *
    Organic Blazei** .__________________ 120 mg _________ *
    Organic Poria** ____________________120 mg _________ *
    Organic Agarikon** ________________100 mg _________ *
    Organic Suehirotake** .____________ 100 mg _________ *
    Oyster Mushroom** _______________ 100 mg _________ *
    Organic True Tinder Polypore** ___ 100 mg _________ *
    *Daily Value not established
    ** Activated mushroom preparation of mycelium.
    *** Activated mushroom preparation of mycelium and fruiting body.
    Other ingredients: organic myceliated brown rice.

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