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The King of Fungi

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Once reserved for royalty, Reishi, the mushroom of immortality is known for its miraculous health benefits. From liver detoxification to slowing the aging process, it is an amazing friend to have in your cupboard and incorporate into your nutrition on a daily basis. Here, we’ll go into the benefits and talk about ways to use it in your daily life. Truly, over time and continual use you can feel your life improve with this medicinal fungi.

Western Medicine is known for its “cure” focused outlook, while defining health as the absence of disease, whereas, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, optimal health is viewed as a state of balance and harmony within the body and mind. One can bring the body into balance through proper nutrition, exercise, and meditation. Utilizing tonic herbs and food such as Red Reishi, (Ling Zhi) can help to do just that.

Many studies have shown that regular consumption of Red Reishi is linked to the treatment of a range of illnesses. It is known for normalizing the body’s functions and bringing the organs back into balance. With its ability to boost the immune system and neutralize free radicals that can cause chronic illness, it is exemplary in its anti-aging properties. It is used as an adaptogen which means it will help your body's response to stress. These particular fungi are extra potent because of their unique collection of organic compounds including triterpenes, alkaloids, and essential polysaccharides.

Reishi , also known as the king of herbs, praised for its effects on longevity, has the ability to reduce inflammation and is high in antioxidants. It has also been used to improve anxiety and depression. Reishi mushroom balances hormones, relieves allergies, helps to lower blood pressure, is a cancer preventative, and also improves brain function as well as gut health.

Reishi is considered a tonic in Chinese Medicine which means that you can take it all your life and it will only strengthen and increase your vitality. It has a double direction action. This means that whatever symptoms or problems you may have whether it be deficiency or excess, Reishi will balance out and enhance your body functions and response system. It makes sense that this thousands of year old species grown from underneath the earth is highly nutritive in its ability to enhance the human body.

In my own experience in taking Reishi over the last 4 years pretty consistently, I have noticed my immune response is quite strong. I rarely catch the common cold or flu. If I do start to feel any type of symptoms, my body is able to fight it off quickly.

Reishi is amazing for all Three Treasures, meaning that it enhances not only your daily energy (Qi) but your deeper refined essence (Jing) as well as your Spirit and consciousness (Shen), bringing to alignment one's total being. After drinking a potent Reishi decoction you may notice your mood is enhanced. Your brain feels clear and light. There is a softness to your energy. A sense of peace and calm permeates your every thought and movement. You feel you can take action from your center with discernment and wisdom. This is the Shen being activated in your system. This is what the great masters were trying to achieve and this is why Reishi is revered as one of the most important superfood or tonics you could include in your daily regimen.

Some of the easiest ways to incorporate Ling Zhi (Red Reishi) into your diet is by mixing it into your drinks. You can purchase it in powder form and blend it into your smoothies. You can make a tea with it. Some have spoken of combining it with drinks high in vitamin C like orange juice because it increases its benefits. If drinking coffee is a daily ritual for you, you can blend it into your morning cup of joe and feel satisfied in knowing that you are getting a healthy start to your day. Taking it in tincture form is another alternative receiving a higher potency of its benefits. Let the mushroom do its magic. You will see over time, a feeling of more energy, less brain fog, and increased vitality.

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