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Random Thought Bubbles

Scientific theories are just that; theories. Although many, believed as truth, in the past such as Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation or Einstein's theory of Relativity. Some are eventually disproved. We continue to build our reality, beleifs, and truths based on ideas we as humans have created to interpret our experience. This scientific, magnifying glass approach of dissecting observations down to a molecule, an atom, to define what "is", has given the human species something reliable to hold onto. However, once too far on the spectrum of anything, we can lose sight of the value, and imbalance takes shape. Although we are discovering more information by delving deeper, it can also be quite limiting to our experience. With these limitations of the mind,of what we believe to be true, we may stop ourselves from experiencing alternate realities.

Here is an example; An indigenous tribe unparalleled by western culture, is placed in a room with no windows. Without the use of language to define, and even with the disorientaion of a walled off room, they are able to decipher the four directions. This can help to explain the idea that not all behavior is learned or taught. This knowing arrives from innate intuition. Sensing the world rather than thinking about the world.

There is this polarity between science and magic. We can look at it with the dualistic frame of mind, or we can see that they are coinciding in the basis for reality.

We need to get back to the old, the roots, the purity of the earth before the technological advances came and disconnected our hearts and minds. Find the roots and go from there

" The ancients really attained long life by the help of the seed-energy present in their own bodies, and did not lengthen their years by swallowing this or that sort of elixir. But the worldly people lost the roots and clung to the tree-tops." -The Secret of the Golden Flower

In today’s technology driven world, distraction at every turn, it’s all too easy to stop short of turning inward and tuning in. Mordern day human craves high stimulation and fast results. Finding any information at the touch of a screen. Highly intelligent beings. But is that all we strive to be? To fill our brain with more information, being reiterated, like a computer? Where can new information come in? We are so tapped into the matrix, how can we come out?

The only way to push past this wall and return to the self is to reach down into the roots. We truly have to force ourselves out of our normal routine. We have to get out of the cities and towns we are so familiar with. We have to go alone. We have to face ourselves in that darkness. The transition is the hardest part. Once you find that fear is your friend, you can do anything. You start to build and tend the fire within. This is so vital to our condition; so that we don’t become slave any longer to the world as we know it. We can shift our perspective. Having new eyes to see from outside the frame, we can then choose according to our highest will. We can see our choices from this newly shaped lens of remembering who we are. From this natural world view, we can see, without so many criss-crossing brain waves staring into the screen. Instead, go stare at the ocean, off into the horizon and see your true self begin to emerge. Without the constant seeking externally of what is inherently found internally, new ideas can be birthed. Coming back in tune with nature and the magic that unfolds when you are most connected to it.

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