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Ocean Therapy

How a dose of salt water can be the cure

An ancient mermaid reborn as she bathes herself in the pools of clarity. A new vision is emerging. The ocean calling her home. Giving thanks for all it transforms with each rolling wave.

A human body is made of many things, some of which are salt and water. We arise from the ocean. No wonder it has been a sense of relief for any who visit.

The tide pools; a perfect natural sensory deprivation tank. Better than a manmade one you might find yourself in. Water is warm, the temperature of the body. Stillness ensues. All you can hear is your heart beating and soft breathe in and out. Looking up at the endless blue sky. While staring into nothing you see everything. There is no "I". There is no "am". There just is.

And so, she visited the bay as much as she could. She was healing old wounding. Many emotions and old attachments were coming up, and the way to transmute this human condition was to give it back to the ocean.

Mother ocean takes it all. All of your anger, pain and shame. She does not judge or ask questions. You can be quiet. Being one with the ever-changing moment.

So if you find yourself in need of relief; from the mundane, from the harshness of reality, from the wanderings of your monkey mind, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to find solitude at the water's edge. Getting yourself there may be a challenge, once you are lost in the corridors of your tireless despair, but when you make it, you can breathe. Whether you think you feel better or not truly is not the point. It is about sensing. Coming back to your senses. Feeling the sand in your toes, the water at your feet. Hearing the waves seething on the shore, the scent of salty air, looking out into the vastness that expands for miles. And you lose your train of thought. You see, ocean takes it for you. And you can leave with a sense of renewed openness, that you did not have when you first arrived.

This is not empty talk. It is proven that walking barefoot on the earth has actual physiological benefits to receptors in the brain. Also, the negative ions present in nature and on the ocean's surface are known to create a positive effect on the body and mind.

When one finds themselves in a mental loop of low vibration, there needs to be a change, a new track. So changing your environment is a doorway. Coming into nature is the cure. Movement is life, and the tireless ocean of motion is a key to this doorway of healing.

An ancient mermaid, finds herself again in the depths of the ocean's immensity. She has arrived. She is home.

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