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From Darkness to Light

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

From stillness arises action. From darkness, the spark of creativity. From the dark moon, she grows full. Our bodies mirror the natural rhythms and cycles of the earth. As within so without. micro and macrocosm of space and time. Our current culture has lost the connection. We were brought into the Industrial age, and the religious crusades wiped out any and all tradition, ritual, natural practices and initiations. Now, the people are waking up. The age of Aquarius is dawning and we can no longer stay asleep to the programming we have been fed. Each of us has to walk this path and learn our lessons. We are all one another's teachers. The personal journey is our story. How can we relate and help one another reach new levels of consciousness in this lifetime?

This body is your vessel. The machine your soul chose to enter the school of life. Any obstacles and challenges you face are for your immense growth. To know thyself is the Great Work. There are alchemical processes that are occurring daily in our bodies and in the natural world around us, yet we are disconnected and unaware. We only see what is on the outside, or put another way, we only believe what we can see. The body is your messenger. It is telling you what is going on within. It is only that our primary conditioning has not told us to look there, but to look outside of ourselves for answers. Unfortunately, our society and culture has promoted a fast-paced, strive, do more, consumerism type of mentality. This can only go on for so long until we burn out. Our bodies fail due to the excess and toxic choices we make to fuel it. The tools are there in order to bring this body back to life. True life, not the one they tell you you should be living, but your individual heart's desire.

I have come to find healing through the body-mind perspective. Feeling stuck mentally? Blocked emotionally? It is not always about thinking your way through your problems with force. We, as a people, must understand our cycles and rhythms. Listen to your body’s wisdom to take the time to slow down and turn within.

The Yin, (feminine energy) is just as important as our yang (masculine energy). We fear the darkness, the harder emotions, feeling like we are not doing enough. While, is it not also important to just BE? And be present. This reconnection will then facilitate a better place to draw energy from in order to take action when necessary. Clear out old programming, foster a new consciousness within yourself. Take the pause your body is begging of you and get the reset for this amazing machine to continue running at optimal levels. And, hear me when I say, this is not a one time fix, another ideal of western medicine and culture in general; take this pill and fix that symptom. Suffice it to say, this is not how it works. There are layers and layers of build up from past traumas, bad diet choices, drugs, alcohol, external toxins from the air, subconscious programming from our whole lives to deconstruct, to sift through.

To detoxify the body on a physiological level, there will be underlying emotions that come up to the surface. This is for healing and transformation. This is what we have stuffed down with excess and distraction for so long. If you can face it, can get to the core, the root of who you were, who you are, and who you want to be, you will come out the other side renewed. It may take time. We have a whole life time of learning. If we can access our body with the right tools, through each cycle, we can become more in tune with our true selves connected to the earth and nature around us. Time to remove the masks, look within, and shake off the old self in order to recreate from your soul, the true self you were meant to be.

As Sadghuru recently said, "Can we take this time to build a better self”… We are creatures of habit. We tend towards routines. "This is what works for me. Why should I change it?" You will know when it is time for change. All will come into your life and shake you up in order for this to occur.

We can realize that change is possible. It starts with that mentality; viewing your body as sacred and wanting to preserve and renew its' abilities. To get back that life force we were given at birth. We can change our habits if we change our minds. It may take many tries, many cycles, but little changes to daily habits every day can help. Not with force, but with allowing, and letting your body be the messenger as to what is and is not creating optimal efficiency.

Once you get the body running, everything from this place of true energy can flow. Maybe things in your life are not going so well. Maybe you are depressed, your relationships are fraught with stress, your job is not giving you what you truly desire, you are not feeling your best, but you keep plugging away, pushing harder and working to the bone.

Something will force you to change if you do not choose to initiate it for yourself. It may be an injury, or an illness that stops you in your tracks. This is how the universe works. We cannot run on only Yang energy continuously. This is not sustainable, yet this is the nature of our modern world and maybe, especially in the US. Hustle till you die.

We have to honor the Yin. The feminine. The internal, the darkness, the quiet, the rest. It is vital to the system. We just don't have the tools to face this side. There is fear of the unknown, the shadow parts of ourselves, the deeper emotions that we cover up daily. We are not looking within when this is where the real answer is. What are we looking outside ourselves for?

There was an old story of how the gods hid the secret of life inside the humans because they would never think to look there.

When you take the time to go there, you can have more to give to your life. More of that vital life force, instead of running on empty.

So give your body a break, it will create new energy, it will thank you. You can find a new sense of self. Creativity, self realization, and that spark of life. Once you answer to this side of yourself, renewal can begin.

What are we really here for if it is not to know thyself? To self actualize. To find our own truth and act from a place of inner knowing.

There are many ways to access these shifts. At this time on earth, the options seem to be endless when it comes to self work. Who is to say what is the best way? It is important to have that discernment, knowing what is right for you, by accessing your intuition.

As individuals, we choose this life. We make our choices that create our reality. We can continue the way we have always done things, or we can start to bring awareness to our programming and shift the paradigm.

As long as we believe we are only an effect of this reality, we will stay prison as to what has been, the Patriarch. We are in the incubation of dreaming up a new dream. It has been on the rise, and you can feel it pulsing higher now. To change our system, we must first change ourselves. Let's help each other remember who we are.

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